Band Of Horses @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC 6/16/06

The word is out on Band of Horses, kids. The Sub Poppers packed the fans (and the chatty Friday night drunks) into Bowery for a disparately received set. If you went in thinking “My Morning Jacket meets Built to Spill, with extra reverb,” the set did nothing to dissuade. Still, “The Funeral” grabbed us for a few, and covering Hall & Oates’s “You Make My Dreams” will always get Stereogum’s attention.

But the fun really started before BoH even took the stage. As we settled into our beverages in the balcony, a blaring white light seared our retinas. Crass conversation assaulted our ears. Near the bar stood two slicked-up dudes with smug grins, incessant hand slaps and an attentive camera crew. “Indie Rockers Gone Wild?” Even worse: The Rolling Stone Intern reality show! They did a good job spending the night being obnoxious (and being teased).

Choice quote of the evening, from prospective RS intern to curious BoH fan: “Yeah, cameras following you around can be annoying. But it pays off. Usually in vagina.” Way to class up the joint, Rolling Stone.