Prince @ Butter, NYC 6/17/06

Stereogum reader (and good friend) Colleen joined less than two hundred members of the New Power Generation Fan Club to see the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince in the wee hours of Saturday morning. The gig was at Butter, a super-chic restaurant in downtown Manhattan. Which means Paris Hilton was there. Security was tight on pics, but here?s a recap of the lucid email Col sent in when she got home (at five in the morning).

People flew from around the world to hear just three songs at the Purple One?s Good Morning America taping at Bryant Park earlier that day. But the so-called “after party” was a marathon. “They started at 1:20 AM, took one break, and ended at 4. I honestly thought they were gonna play all night. I wish they did!” said Col.

Prince is pushing 3121, so he?s into charging dollar amounts rearranging those numbers. If you managed some Internet tickets, you were paying $121.03. If you just showed up to Butter, you got by at $312.10. Cash. ?Worth every penny, and the plane trip,? said Hiro, Japan’s #1 Prince fan.

Joining the NPG Club members were some fancy faces: Paris Hilton (“she came skipping in, literally; I almost puked, and people wanted to boo”) Jay-Z (“not as ugly in person; arrived in a Maybach”), Beyonce (“she looked good!”), Nas, Kelis and P. Diddy (“he ordered a bottle of Courvoisier for a bevy of models across the restaurant, looking like a pimp in his big sunglasses”).

A bit more from Colleen:

Jay Z and Beyonce left right before end of the first set, at which point ?uestlove was only with a couple of people in his booth. So I asked him if I could sit there. And he said yes! So I watched the end of the first set and all of second sitting next to him (and right where Beyonce was sitting – the seat was still warm – ewww). Even sitting here, you could only see his head up. But it was unbelievable.

Oh and when he sang “Satisfied,” I think nearly every woman came as close as possible to having an orgasm without being touched. I know that sounds crude, but I swear to god, there was some swooning and fanning oneself for that song.

Note to self: learn how to sing “Satisfied.”

The show ended with ?uestlove on drums and Prince inviting the crowd on the “stage” to do 80?s dances. “So the whole stage and the whole audience started doing the snake, and the bird, and the crab ? it was so much friggin fun. He is such the performer. I?ve never seen anything like it.”

Setlist provided to Col by a Prince look-alike in the crowd (’cause if there’s one guy getting the set list right, it’s gonna be that guy).

Te Amo Corazon
4 Ever
The Ride
I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You) [Aretha Franklin]
Love Changes
The Chain [Fleetwood Mac; new lyrics]
Come Together [Beatles]
When A Man Loves A Woman
Redheaded Woman
Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) [Sly and the Family Stone]
Play That Funky Music (White Boy)
Black Sweat
Joy In Repetition
If I Was Your Girlfriend
Jam (w/?uestlove; lots of 80?s dancing)