Stereogum At Bonnaroo Pt. 2

Hey kids. Lots of craziness since my last Bonnaroo update. Let’s start with Friday afternoon. A press conference with Jim James, Lewis Black, Ben Folds, Robert Randolph and Jack from Steel Train featured lots of left-field questions (i.e., “What’s your stance on stem cell reserarch?”), but Lewis Black was hilarious. (And Ben Folds is so totally for stem cell research.)

Despite temperatures that reached up to 140 degrees (give or take), Conor from Bright Eyes donned a long sleeved hoodie and had the crowd singing along to the fiddle-filled “Train Under Water,” a “Lua” duet, and an appearance from Super Furry Animal Gruff Rhys on his band’s “Hello Sunshine.” Can’t vouch for audio quality, but apparently you can download the whole fucking thing as MP3s here (MegaUpload).

Next up: bluegrass and synchronized jigging from Nickel Creek, who were non-stop fun. Of course they did a few covers (Radiohead, the Band). Mike Gordon was digging it (wait — Mike Gordon’s not on the schedule?! Totally tipped me off about last night’s Superjam, which also featured Trey and tonight’s headliner Phil Lesh).

Death Cab kicked off with Ben behind the keyboard for “Passenger Seat” and “Different Names For The Same Thing.” He hit a few bum notes, and at one point was competing with a blaring car alarm, but the crowd didn’t seem to mind.

Gibbard swtiched to guitar for “The New Year” and “We Laugh Indoors,” but I couldn’t stick around ’cause Cat Power and the Memphis Rhythm Band were burning up That Tent. Literally. Chan made them turn off the lights ’cause it was so hot.

Clap Your Hands were great as always, and there’s a lot more to report (Beck! Radiohead! I lost my wallet!), but I gotta go or I’ll miss the Streets. To be continued…