Beck And Puppets At Bonnaroo 6/17/06

Special shoutout to Beck and his band of puppety oddballs.

Beck had one of the most entertaining mainstage sets, incorporating lip-synching puppets and a video clip satirizing Bonnaroo culture (“The enzymes you can get from fresh fruit are so ? epic.” “Jackalopes are an endangered species. There’s only a few of them left.” “Drum circles and puppets should be illegal.”) Beck, who played immediately before Radiohead and sang a few lines of the band’s material and worked them into the video with five puppets singing, “I’m a creep … I’m a puppet.” (Source: USA Today.)

For the record, almost every band was compelled to comment on “Bonnaroo culture,” with a gleeful Mike Skinner handing a bigass bottle of brandy to his latest converts and Be Your Own Pet warning the hippies that drugs are bad. So cool to see Beck up close, though. Off the top of my head (don’t have my notes on me): he opened with “Devil’s Haircut,” played all the Guero singles, some new tunes, and a fantastic cover his former tour partners’ “Do You Realize?”

So much more to blog about — Sonic Youth were intense, if not youthful, and Bonnie Raitt was great too (really!). It rained right before Phil Lesh came on. Which isn’t so bad, ’cause everyone who stuck around smells pretty funky, as Bonnie noted. She also predicted a lot of tentsex tonight. Happy 64th Paul.

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