Todd McFarlane Revisits “Land Of Confusion”

Remember that surprisingly awesome Genesis cover by Disturbed?

I was fully prepared to hate a metal remake of “Land Of Confusion,” but Disturbed’s take is no less melodic and remains faithful to the tune’s perfect construction. Even singer Dave Draiman’s guttural breaths before the chorus don’t bother me. He was born to growl this piece of ’80s pop, and the message is still relevant to boot. calls the cover “ill-advised.” I couldn’t disagree more. I listened to it three times on the subway this morning.

The big question was will there be a video with Spitting Image puppets? (Puppets are so hot these days.)

Well, there will be a video! Directed by animator Todd McFarlane! So all signs point to: maybe!

Although it seems one Disturbed fan just couldn’t wait…

Pitchfork, can you put the Genesis original on your list? Take off Greg Kihn.