Radiohead @ Bonnaroo 6/17/06

I’m not quite done with my Bonnaroo coverage, but I promise I won’t let it drag beyond tomorrow. Some of you asked how Radiohead were. To be honest, I was sort of distracted. As hinted at in a previous post, I lost my wallet! So I had to spend some time on the phone with my bank. (I wrote my social security number and mother’s maiden name on the front though, so hopefully I’ll get it back real soon!)

Anyway, the band played the longest set of their current tour. All my photos came out blurry (press caretakers were insistent about no flash), but if you need to see another shot of Thom bathed in blue light I’m sure Flickr can hook you up. Or check out Jonny’s artsy pre-show snapshots at Dead Air Space; here’s one of Thom trying to remember where he put his bong:

The Setlist
01 “There There”
02 “2+2=5″
03 “15 Step”
04 “Arpeggi”
05 “Exit Music”
06 “Kid A”
07 “Dollars And Cents”
08 “Videotape”
09 “No Surprises”
10 “Paranoid Android”
11 “The Gloaming”
12 “The National Anthem”
13 “Climbing Up The Walls”
14 “Big Ideas”
15 “Street Spirit”
16 “The Bends”
17 “Myxomytosis”
18 “How To Disappear Completely”

Encore 1:
19 “You And Whose Army?”
20 “Pyramid Song”
21 “Like Spinning Plates”
22 “Fake Plastic Trees”
23 “Bodysnatchers”
24 “Lucky”
25 “Idioteque”
26 “Karma Police”

Encore 2:
27 “House Of Cards”
28 “Everything In Its Right Place”

No “Creep.” Ed tells New York Magazine: “It hasn’t felt right yet. We will do it some night. It’s a great song to play. The reaction you get is really extreme.”

Also at Dead Air Space, Thom comments on the visit from the first daughters (and their bodyguards) at the second MSG show.

i dont know if we should be

A. honoured
B. amused
C. bemused
D. ask if she had a valid ticket
E. object belatedly on moral grounds
F. ask again if she had a ticket and question whether this really what our gigs are about
G. dont blame the daughter for the father
H. shutup and smile

Stereogum says:

I. All of the above.