K-Fed Wants To Save The Penny

MSNBC reports:

Kevin Federline has a new cause: saving the penny. Britney Spears’ hubby, along with Virgin Records chairman Richard Branson and director Matthew Eggers will “unite to reinvigorate the purpose of the penny in face of its possible legislative elimination,” according to an announcement. The three will appear in Times Square at mid-day on Wednesday and be among the first to “to sign the ‘Save the Penny’ petition to be presented to lawmakers in Washington D.C.” They’ll also be donating pennies to charity.


Gothamist has an explanation:

Branson will also be making a pretty penny by introducing his new Virgin Mobile Penny Texting plan, which offers 1,000 text messages for just $9.99 per month. And we’re guessing K-Fed is in it to promote his new album.

They should totally eliminate the penny! Kev can’t even pick a decent publicity stunt.