Spin, Blender Finally Identical

On that Jewel post, one of you commented “Funny how Spin and RS look more and more like Blender every year.”

So that inspired me to do something I was planning to do when I first got the June issues in the mail: scan the covers. (I hate scanning things.)

Can you say Separated At Birth? Of course the insides are the same too — slanted red and yellow text in easily digestible blurbs, blogger mugshots (Blender: Perez Hilton, Spin: Ultragrrrl), and 3-star Pearl Jam CD reviews that reference Ticketmaster and conclude with “DOWNLOAD: ‘Parachutes'” — but you’ll have to take my word for it. I hate scanning things.

As for former (?) Spin EIC Andy Pemberton, Gawker’s still stalking him.

Does anyone still read music magazines? Which ones?