MP3 Aggregators, The Law And You

Chances are you’re one of many who get their dirty from time to time. Join the club. Well the law’s long arm is reaching out to just such search engines, trying to keep you from finding those MP3 posts you hold so dear.

A Dutch court just shut down a website that linked to MP3 posts across the web. didn’t host the files, and claimed that it “warned users not to breach copyright.” But the court wasn’t having it. BBC reports (via Coolfer):

“Such a warning ignores the reality that the lion’s share of visitors are looking for unauthorised MP3 files,” said the court in its ruling on Friday.

Who, us? And just when G2P launched! But the precedent may be set kids. Get your Hype on while you can. The demise of MP3 aggregators: Good thing? Or downfall of the blogosphere? You make the call.