New Everclear Video – “Hater”

Art Alexakis makes a bid for relevance with a controversial clip for the band’s new break-up song. For the video, the song’s theme was broadened and is now dedicated “to Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and all others who hate in the name of Jesus.”

Ifilm says: “The content you requested is intended for viewing by mature audiences only. Some viewers may be offended by the content.” We have to be 18 or over!

I’m about to stream now. Let’s watch together. I hope it’s more controversial than Connie Chung Sings.

“Hater Jesus” has an impossible 8.5 billion friends. First MySpace profile featured in a music video? (Sadly, I don’t think we’re getting one from Hope Against Hope.)

Everclear’s Welcome to the Drama Club is out 9/12.