MSTRKRFT @ Hiro Ballroom, NYC 6/22/06

Ahh, the Hiro Ballroom. The perfect place to sip sake and congregate with other vowel-averse vagrants while pumping fists, spilling drinks and dancing maniacally to the staccato fuzz-bass of MSTRKRFT’s remixes and original cuts. For those needing a refresher, MSTRKRFT is Al-P and Death From Above 1979’s Jesse Keeler. And it’s pronounced “Mastercraft,” naturally. The “a”s and “e” just get in the way.

Though the duo’s made a good name for itself chopping and mixing some of your favorite indie jams, last night’s party was more of a showcase for their debut collection of original material The Looks. With laptops in tow, the two playlisted their way through a body-moving set, offering lead single “Easy Love” to cheers and working up a sweat while clicking away at that mouse. Fun was had, in a trashy club-night kind of way. Any place with a Kabuki theme and giant paper lanterns just can?t be wrong.

Though the originals were the focus, here?s one of those rare remixes that out-shines the source. We dug up a track from The Looks too. Take the jump for our favorite fan moment. Hope that pic turns out, dude!

Bloc Party – “Two More Years (MSTRKRFT Remix)(MP3 Link Expired)
MSTRKRFT – “Paris” (MP3 Link Expired)

More pics from Last Night’s Party at Village Indian.