Bravo Silva On Letterman, Hurra Torpedo On Kitchen Sink

Joey Headset writes in…

Hey Stereogummers,
On Letterman last night, Meryl Streep plugged the band, Bravo Silva — her son Henry Gummer is the singer. I went over there to see just how bad it was … but the band is actually pretty decent. In fact, though I hate to say it, I like the songs on their MySpace page quite a bit. Though I think that the Streep connection already gives this band a pretty good promotional edge, they still might be worth a mention.

Aw, we love Bravo Silva! Seen ‘em like 3 or 4 times. Definitely check ‘em out. And congrats Jen 5th Floor on the shoutout!

Last Bravo performance I caught was 6/8 at Avalon. Didn’t get any shots of them, but the band they opened for, Hurra Torpedo, were pretty damn photogenic. They played household appliances and covered Britney, Ramones, and of course Bonnie Tyler (you’ve seen the video we assume). Banging on an old stove? Gimmicky, sure, but I’m always up for a band that trashes their equipment at the end of the set.

Pete Townshend recently announced he won’t be smashing guitars on the upcoming Who tour. Too old for that shit.

Some Hurra pics…

And the setlist they lovingly scrawled on a paper plate, which now that I’ve scanned I can finally throw out as I don’t collect paper plates.