Springsteen On Conan

More from the mailbag. Reader Eric (different Eric than last post) writes…

I know Stereogum is an ‘indie-first’ resource. However, I just got through watching the 6/23 Conan O’Brien show — and the phenomenal performance by Bruce Springsteen and the Seeger Session Band (plus Conan on guitar, Thomas Hayden Church on percussion, and Jimmy Fallon on spoons). Please, please — give more people a chance to see this once-in-a-lifetime performance! The first song was an absolutely bone-chilling rendition of Seeger’s “Bring ‘Em Home.” But the second – oh, the second! – a horns-and-drums-and-banjo-and-accordian-and-guitar version of “Pay Me My Money Down.”

Find it on Youtube.com, please. Ah. I’m still recovering.

Thanks for the heads up Eric. With our Dave Stewart, Arthur Lee, and Art Alexakis posts, the over-40 crowd is getting a lot of love on Stereogum these days! So let’s check in with the Boss, who wrapped up his live Seeger Sessions tour last night.

Here are the Conan superjams on YouTube:

But you know how NBC is … those links will be dead by Monday.

At least the audio stream will stay put. “Bring ‘Em Home” can be heard here: WIN | QT | REAL

History lesson via brucespringsteen.net:

Penned by Pete Seeger during the Vietnam War, “Bring ‘Em Home” quickly acquired anthemic power in the anti-war movement. Springsteen first recorded the song in January 2006 and added a final lead vocal during his European tour, at a studio in Oslo, Norway. His poignant rendition, performed frequently on the Seeger Sessions tour, adds several new verses and connects the song to a much earlier topical song, “When Johnny Comes Marching Home.” “Bring ‘Em Home” was written in 1965 and originally released on Pete’s 1971 Columbia album, Young vs. Old.

Finally, watch Bruce discuss “the idiots rambling on cable television” here.