Mathemagic – “Breaststroke”

It’s interesting how many of these “chillwave” guys have photos of themselves (or others) softly superimposed over some sort of natural/woodsy/beach-going backdrop: It’s because they and their airy sounds seep directly into the ocean around them. (It’s also probably because they know about Phil Elverum.) Ontario bedroom-psych pilot Evan Euteneier and Dylan Euteneier continue the tradition, but musically offer a few of their own downcast, spacious details to “Breaststroke,” a song that reminds Scott of an icier this. Catch the repeated “it’s all right” and you’ll see what he’s talking about. If not Maxine Nightingale,  though, Washed Out, Active Child, & Co. make fine enough reference points.

Mathemagic – “Breaststroke”

(Via NoPainInPop)

“Breaststroke” comes from a forthcoming 5-song EP. You’ll find “High” on it, too.

Mathemagic – “High”

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