MisShapes Get Their Backpack On

This weekend’s NY Times alerted us that designers are recruiting socialites for ads, hoping to sprinkle status on handbags.

The obvious extension then is a backpack manufacturer recruiting a DJ collective for its new campaign.

(You can click on that image for the totally unnecessary desktop wallpaper version.)

Good job Eastsport! Nothing says “back to school” like doing rails off Chloe Sevigny’s ass in the Don Hills bathroom.

But, unlike K-Fed (bottom graph), will Leigh, Greg, & Geo actually use the product they’re pitching? We’ll find out at Siren, where they’ll be spinning all day.

You might’ve seen the MisShapes/Eastsport full-pager in the new Spin with Beyonce (!) on the cover. Funny/sad how the ads are more interesting than the content.

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