Of Montreal Get Remixed

On 8/22 Polyvinyl delivers a double LP of reworked tunes from Of Montreal’s last two albums. Satanic Panic was one of my favorite discs of 2004 (I’ve also got it on clear vinyl … even though I rarely listen to vinyl). “Disconnect The Dots,” the album’s sunshiney opening cut, gets even trippier in Mixel Pixel’s hands. Listen to the original…

Of Montreal – “Disconnect The Dots” (MP3)

…And stream the remix here.

Killer talent abounds (Grizzly, U.S.E., Pocket) on this project so my expectations are high:

LP1: Satanic Panic In The Attic Remixes:
1. Disconnect the Dots (Mixel Pixel remix)
2. How Lester Lost His Wife (Pocket remix)
3. My British Tour Diary (Restiform Bodies remix)
4. Climb the Ladder (Rory Phillips Trash UK remix)
5. Chrissy Kiss the Corpse (Nils Lannon remix)
6. Rapture Rapes the Muses (DJ Dave P. and Adam Sparkles Making Time remix)

LP2: The Sunlandic Twins Remixes:
1. Forecast Fascist Future (IQU remix)
2. The Party’s Crashing Us (I Am the World Trade Center remix)
3. Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games (Broken Spindles remix)
4. I Was a Landscape in Your Dream (Grizzly Bear remix)
5. Requiem for O.M.M.2 (United State of Electronica remix)
6. I Was Never Young (Supersystem remix)

When I loaded the M3U in iTunes, OM’s Shins cover was the next song that came on. Go ahead, download it; we won’t tell anyone you’re an indie yuppie.

Of Montreal – “Know Your Onion!” (MP3)

Of Montreal’s playing McCarren Park Pool on 7/30. So go to that. But first go to Stereogum & Ice Cream Man’s 7/9 McCarren Park Pool party featuring Les Savy Fav, Beans w/ Holy Fuck, Dragons Of Zynth, and another band I should be able to announce soon. It was totally gonna be Cold War Kids, then Grizzly Bear, but the timing just didn’t work. When we confirm you’ll read it here first.

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