+/- {Plus/Minus} – “Reeling In The Years”

Last month we brought you +/- ‘s “Snowblind,” a dusky, exhilarating track from the Brooklyn trio’s forthcoming forth album Xs On Your Eyes (10/21, Absolutely Kosher). In this week’s Drop, we’re offering up “Reeling In The Years” (not “Reelin’ In The Years,” mind you), the Japanese bonus track for the collection. We caught up with front man James Baluyut and asked him about Steely Dan, among other things.

Is the title of the song a direct reference to Steely Dan? Indirect?
It’s indirect. I was writing the lyrics and somehow it just made sense. It has nothing to do with their song … just happened to work out in a way where I could reference their great song title in a fun/not so subtle way.

What inspired the song’s storyline? Based on personal experience or on a certain type/fictional narrative?
It’s vaguely about someone I know and how his all-encompassing indecision/fear is ruining his life — so I guess it’s based on personal experience.

Will the song’s subject ever get it down?
I certainly hope so. But I’ve been waiting for that for a long time.

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