“I Wanna Rock And Roll All Night … And An Iced Latte … Do You Have Splenda?”

From the band that brought you the KISS Kasket comes … KISS Coffee, available exclusively at the KISS Coffeehouse, which opened its doors in Myrtle Beach today.

Choice quotes from the press release:

PAUL STANLEY: “The KISS Coffeehouse is our way of providing everyone with the buzz of great, quality treats and coffee filled with enough sugar and caffeine to get the party started, and keep it going!”

GENE SIMMONS: “Every army needs food and drink and the KISS Army is no exception! Even the non-enlisted will find our treats and java rockin’ good!”

The KISS Frozen Rockuccino™ comes in eight KISSlicious flavors and costs a KISSforable $5.75. ($6 if you’re Ace Frehley.)

I know KISS is all about slapping their brand on everything, but this has to be Gene’s worst idea since “Firestarter.”