He’ll Shovel 4 Ya

We always wondered what sort of “community service” celebrities are expected to perform when they get in trouble with the law. Finally, AP sheds some light on the issue.

Culture Club’s former frontman George O’Dowd was a bad Boy (har, har) last year with that false reporting of burglary at his apt (not his fault — he was high on cocaine, police discovered). He pled guilty and was sentenced to enter a drug program and do five days of community service … which he never completed. O’Dowd’s proposal of working with an AIDS charity was swiftly rejected by the judge.

Upon leaving the assignment office yesterday, Boy joked, “I’m going to be teaching basketball in Harlem.”

No, really.

“He’ll probably be raking leaves in Central Park, or something like that,” said his lawyer.

Perfect! Can you imagine this guy in an orange jumpsuit raking leaves in the park, muttering profanities about Elton John under his breath?

According to Gothamist, George told reporters, “It would have been more useful to make 30 grand with a concert, rather than be prancing around in a park. I could have raised some money, could have done something that would have helped.”

Boy, let Warren Buffett and Bill Gates save the world. We wanna see you sweat. It’s good for your karma.

How would you like Boy George to fulfill his community service? Give us your best ideas and we’ll send ‘em to the sanitation department.

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