Vampire Weekend’s “Gun” Gets Mashed With Yeasayer, M.I.A.

If you look at Vampire Weekend as that endangered species of band that can collapse barriers in a fragmented, niche-driven music economy, then this week is proving “Giving Up The Gun” to be the band’s quintessential amalgamator. On the heels of Contra’s pop chuggernaut getting a pop-cultural mashup video offering Donnie Darko’s best screen performance in ages while also reeling in the coveted Wu-Tang/JoBros crossover demo and reminding you of Lil Jon (remember when he was a thing?) come a pair of mashups further proving how easily these dudes can slip into other people’s parties. The always reliable Hood Internet found the common ground between “Gun” and M.I.A.’s “Sunshowers” (because “Giving Up The Bucky Done Gun” would have been too pedestrian a pun, maybe), swapping the Ezra for the Maya, while the Immuzikation Blend jams Koenig’s into a backdrop built on Yeasayer’s “Ambling Alp.” Check ‘em:

Vampire Weekend – “Giving Up The Sunshowers” (M.I.A. vs Vampire Weekend by The Hood Internet)

Vampire Weekend – “Giving Up The Alp (Immuzikation Blend)” (Vampire Weekend vs Yeasayer)

Grab the VaMayapire Weekend MP3 here.