New Passion Pit Video – “Sleepyhead”

A couple months back, Scott and Amrit ventured out to catch Passion Pit at Pianos. Since then, the Boston Frenchkiss signees have continued popping up here/there. The consensus (at least around here, like in my kitchen) is that their best song is “Sleepyhead.” It’s also the lead track from their re-released Chunk Of Change EP, so makes sense that it’d be the track with a video. We’re told the flickering, spinning, mechanistic clip was directed/created by the Wilderness. These guys? If so, bonus points. (OK, it’s not them. Still, cool video.)

You can hear Amrit’s beloved “I’ve Got Your Number” at Passion Pit’s MySpace. Here’s the take-home version of “Sleepyhead”:

Passion Pit – “Sleepyhead” (MP3)

Chunk Of Change, the reissue, is out now via Frenchkiss. There’s a full length coming in early ’09.