Broken Social Scene @ The Hook, Brooklyn 6/28/06

Only for Broken Social Scene would we go to Red Hook on a Wednesday night.

Okay, Broken Social Scene and an open bar.

The occasion was Tag Team Media’s fifth birthday and the Toronto music collective came to celebrate.

It was a no Feist night, but “7/4 (Shoreline)” rocked just the same. Kevin, Brendan, John, Amy, Andrew, and whichever Scenesters I’m forgetting drew from their entire catalog — “Cause=Time” and “Fire Eye’d Boy” were highlights — and I could’ve sworn I caught the tail end of a Police cover. (I missed the beginning while catching up with Matt Ice Cream Man.)

Amy played “Skinny Boy” from her forthcoming solo debut Honey From The Tombs, and American Analog Set’s Andrew Kenny made a surprise appearance at night’s end.

BSS perform “Fire Eye’d Boy” on Letterman tonight, so set yr Tivos. Or check YouTube tomorrow.

The band returns to Brooklyn next Thursday for a benefit show at the Prospect Park Bandshell. Tickets availabe here.

If anyone’s got an Arts & Crafts family tree, send our way!