Surfer Blood/the morning benders/Beach Fossils/Grooms/Turbo Fruits @ Market Hotel, Brooklyn 2/27/10

Top to bottom five-band blowout at Market Hotel Saturday night, the DIY space packed tight in time for the opening band’s 8:30 set, because 1) everybody had just spent two days locked inside at the mercy of the snowicane and 2) the opening band was the morning benders, a late add to a heavy bill and one whose Google Index has been on the rise. (If you missed ‘em, consider meeting us in Austin for this.) Kyle Dean Reinford delivers these shots of the dud-free/dude-heavy marathon featuring the headlining Surfer Blood (making good on their name/the “Swim” video with crowd surfing), Turbo Fruits (also riding the crowd wave, with the added bonus of shirtlessness and an aggressively punked up CCR cover), infectious lo-fi upstarts Beach Fossils, and the ’90s indie rock lashings of Grooms (great set, and a reminder to dust off your Polvo/SY LPs). After you run through, try the benders’ set-closing cover of Neil Young’s “Bad Fog Of Loneliness,” video of which is here (H/T We All Want Someone), the chord progression of which sounds like a more gently loping/dance-deprived run through the benders’ own “All Day Day Light.” The sound in the room was shit for their set (big echo indeed), but resolved in time to salvage this moment: