Dirty Projectors With The L.A. Philharmonic @ Walt Disney Concert Hall, L.A. 2/27/10

Dirty Projectors play well in lots of environments, though “A Very Special Night With … ” is a frequent and strong one for them lately. This Very Special Night featured DP co-headlining with L.A.’s Philharmonic Orchestra, who began the night with classical pieces that Dave Longstreth selected — two from Ligeti (you might know him from 2001: A Space Odyssey) and others from Wagner (you might know him from every war movie soundtrack), and Ravel. Chamber ensemble Alarm Will Sound joined Dirty Projectors for The Getty Address.

Then the band came back out to do a cover of Bob Dylan’s “I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine” and a handful of DP originals. Photographer Andrew Youssef, who capture the event for us, says the show’s program included the lyrics to The Getty Address, and a reprint of Longstreth’s letter to Don Henley:

Dirty Projectors Letter To Don Henley

This show ended a string of late-Feb Special Events for the band.

Elsewhere in Longstreth, the primary Projector introduced three new compositions (“Matt Damon,” “Instructional Video,” “Breakfast At J&M”) at the Bang on a Can All-Stars event in New York on the 24th, and played a similarly Getty Address-revisiting show with DP at the Allen Room at Lincoln Center with DP a few nights before.