Eraserhead Out Tomorrow

Rolling Stone’s Rob Sheffield gives Thom Yorke’s new one four stars. Pitchfork’s Mark Pytlik is less impressed, recommending it only to those “predisposed to loving everything Yorke sets his voice against.”

I like “El President,” so I guess that’s me. And probably you too. The Eraser, the solo album we’re not supposed to call a solo album, is out tomorrow.

The Virgin Megastore Union Square is having a midnight sale tonight where you can win free Thom t-shirts and a signed promo CD. If you win the CD, you can sell it on eBay for the price of a half a Radiohead ticket.

Hear Eraser now at AOL Music. Then click around for streams of Sufjan, Rhymefest, Aretha, Muse, Soul Asylum, and Jesus and Mary Chain.