New Greg Graffin – “Don’t Be Afraid To Run”

This week sees the release of Greg Graffin’s solo album Cold As The Clay. Its sound is rooted in old-timey Americana (half the songs are covers of traditional folk songs), which isn’t so surprising if you’re familiar with the Intelligent Punk Music of Bad Religion’s catalog. Greg explains:

Even though I am known as a punk rock singer and songwriter, a world apart from old-time music, the roots of my singing go back to my Wisconsin childhood and family gatherings in Indiana. For most of my life, the old-time music of rural America has served as one of the soundtracks to my life and daily routines.

There’s plenty of banjo, harp, and mandolin, and no computers were used in the recording of the album; however, via his 21st century digital MySpace page we get to download the opening cut:

Greg Graffin – “Don’t Be Afraid To Run” (MP3)

Very cool. Recommended if you like Neil Young, the Cold Mountain soundtrack, and the Weakerthans, who serve as his backing band. But beware, Greg tells OC Register:

“The Bad Religion fans that enjoy the music, the melody and the simple delivery of Bad Religion songs will really gravitate towards this album. The ones who just wanna hear something to go slam to, I don’t think they’re going to be able to do it.”

You can slam to a new Bad Religion disc next year. Until then, break out the hooch and tune in. iTunes | Amazon