Band To Watch

Band To Watch: The Slip

Glad you all had a blast with Les Savy Fav at our favorite new outdoor venue. Stereogum’s not involved in putting on this second show, but we’ll be there:

McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn 7/16/06
Dead Meadow
The Slip
Mobius Band
+ Opener (TBD later today)

Who are the Slip? Well, they’re Jim James’ favorite band, for starters.

JIM JAMES: “I usually don’t like bands when I see them live for the first time. But this trio of Berklee College of Music dropouts blew my mind at the recent Mountain Jam in Hunter, New York. At a show like that, you expect to hear a dude wail over a blues scale for half an hour, but the Slip are creative and weird: The drummer shakes it down with a hip-hop backbeat, the bassist plays a baritone guitar and the guitarist plays lots of crazy solos without losing the tight pop melody. Most things that are widely accepted suck, but hopefully these guys will be semi-widely accepted — because it’s really beautiful stuff.”
Rolling Stone, June 2006

JIM JAMES: “The Slip is a rock trio from Boston with tons of live releases. I had heard from friends I would like them. Then finally I had the chance to see them play, and seeing them live was amazing. I’ve seen so many thousands of bands; most times I see a band I’ll give them one or two songs, but I instantly felt a bond with these three guys with very weird brains doing some weird music. They can build a good song and take it somewhere. ‘Children of December’ is the song on their Web site that hit me hardest. It’s going to be released in a new form. I’ve heard it, but it’s not out yet. The way the guitar and the melody interlace, it’s incredible. You see so many tired, boring rock acts doing the same thing over and over, but these guys are reaching out. They have creative drumbeats, weird liquid bass lines. It’s like a big pool of lyrics; it’s really rhythmical. It could even appeal to some kid who really likes punk rock. It’s really challenging. They’re taking what we know of music and trying to take it and twist it to a different place.”
NY Times, July 2006

The Slip – “Children Of December” (MP3)
The Slip – “Even Rats (MP3)

Watch some live video (WIN MEDIA) of an instrumental “Sorry” > U2’s “With Or Without You” from Mishiwaka Amphitheater in Colorado, 2003. Pretty jammy. I see why JJ likes ‘em.

The Slip’s putting the finished touches on their fourth LP, expected this fall. Chris from Stars visited the band in the studio yesterday and added some french horn.

As for our Bonnaroo heroes My Morning Jacket, keep an eye out for ‘em at Lollapalooza, and ear out for Okonokos, a double live album (9/26) and DVD (10/31).