New Islands Video – “Creeper”

When writing about Nick Thorburn’s Reefer, we also made sure to mention his work with Human Highway and, his most popular project, Islands. As far as the latter, this creepy “Creeper” clip’s the first we’ve heard from Islands since they covered Brian Eno and themselves at Daytrotter. But forget day — this is all about night. The guys sit stoically (or stonedly?) in a log cabin until a paper airplane gets tossed, Thorburn ends up in a Tron-on-Magic Rocks realm, and things get spookier. For instance: Speaking of “covered,” check out the monster covered in wax. Also: Water is a dancer.

That Nick-in-space reminds me of Liars’ “It Fit When I Was A Kid.” Crystals flying everywhere.

Arm’s Way is out via Anti-.