Cheyenne, Pat Benatar Wear Shoes

I never thought I’d get a Cheyenne post in! Nothing against the jailbait singer/songwriter, but her TV show lacks that Laguna bitch factor. Points for being a real musician, though; we know this ’cause she’s dancing with an acoustic guitar on her website (warning: audio).

In a new commercial, Candie’s pairs the MTV star with Pat Benatar, whose “You Better Run” was the second music video to air on the channel 25 years ago. The two duet on “Heartbreaker,” which you can watch at TMZ. Amazingly it’s the first endorsement deal for both.

I’m guessing neither rocker heard of the other before Candie’s called.

As part of the back-to-school campaign, the brand will launch a “Heartbreaker” fragrance too. So you can finally smell like … Pat Benatar’s feet?