Worst Mix-Tape Ever

Blender’s Top Wusses countdown was so inane, Rolling Stone’s decided to post a list everyday. First up: Terrible Songs on Great Albums (great topic!).

Here are their staff’s selections:

The Beatles, “Maxwell?s Silver Hammer” (Abbey Road)
The Who, “Squeeze Box” (The Who By Numbers)
The Police, “Be My Girl – Sally” (Outlandos D’Amour)
The Velvet Underground, “The Gift” (White Light/White Heat)
James Brown, “Spinning Wheel” (Sex Machine)
Led Zeppelin, “In The Light” (Physical Graffiti)
Pink Floyd, “Waiting for the Worms” (The Wall)
Simon & Garfunkel, “Voices of Old People” (Bookends)
AC/DC, “Let Me Put My Love Into You” (Back In Black)
Run-DMC, “Perfection” (Raising Hell)

We’ll let them handle classic rock. What indie rock non-gems stick out to you?

And remember, Listening to bad music can be as fun as listening to good music.