We Sound Like Giants

I know you’re sick of covers albums, but we all have a soft spot for They Might Be Giants, right? At least I do. You might’ve read on Pitchfork about
Hello Radio, an anniversary tribute to the quirky Johns featuring a bunch of quirky artists. Nice selections, though I would’ve preferred a different cut from John Henry.

1. Self – “Ana Ng”
2. The Long Winters – “Pet Name”
3. David Miller – “Narrow Your Eyes”
4. Charles Douglas – “She’s an Angel”
5. Frank Black – “Road Movie to Berlin”
6. The Wrens – “They’ll Need a Crane”
7. Steve Burns – “Dead”
8. OK Go – “Letterbox”
9. Recepter – “Boat of Car”
10. This Radiant Boy – “Don’t Let’s Start”
11. Jason Trachtenburg – “Doctor Worm”
12. Fluid Ounces – “It’s Not My Birthday”
13. Brett Kull – “Another First Kiss”
14. Hotel Lights – “The End of the Tour”

Jason Trachtenburg was born to sing, “I’m not a real doctor, but I am a real worm.”

Available at iTunes.

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