Insant Message Journalism Is The New Google Journalism

CTB: got any questions for franz ferdinand?
CTB: i have him on the phone this pm
Stereogum: yes, ask if he was sad when he was assassinated.
Stereogum: oh, you mean the band?
CTB: si
Stereogum: i do like franz ferdinand. i’ll think of some questions.
Stereogum: you know what you should do…
Stereogum: play the band a bunch of popular songs and have them critique them
CTB: we did that with perry farrell
CTB: in the nme they used to have bands like jesus and mary chain come in and review that week’s singles
Stereogum: and nikki sixx in the last rs. he says of rem:
Stereogum: “this shit makes me wanna puke. i hate this fucking band. they’re the worst band ever. line ‘em up and shoot ‘em.”
Stereogum: now that’s a good interview
CTB: but nikki sixx is a good interview
CTB: i’m gonna interview franz ferdinand as if he was nikki sixx