New Chad VanGaalen – “Dead Ends”

Chad left us hanging a bit too long after his great debut Infiniheart. A year or two may not be long for some, but when you’ve already written hundreds of tunes over years in your cold Canadian bedroom — and they’re this good — we want an album every few months!

Chad VanGaalen – “Dead Ends” (MP3 Link Expired)

Black Francis and Neil Young would be proud of this cut from Chad’s sophomore Sub Pop effort. And you may hate to hear it, but it’s nothing but Win Butler’s quaver that VanGaalen’s channeling on the tune’s big hook. The rest of the album’s got genre-leaping knockouts like “Sing Me To Sleep” and “Red Hot Drops.” And you can grab the killer “Mini TVs” over at YANP.

You dig? Like we said, he’s Canadian — so you know he’s good.