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A reader sent us this Ryan Adams fansite link asking us if the post (copied below) is bullshit. All signs point to … did you people learn nothing from Jeff Mangum?!

CLARIFICATION: I didn’t mean to imply that Ryan was lying, but that I thought it was posted by an imposter. Amrit investigated beyond my cursory glance and believes it is Mr. Adams, so … this is good news or bad depending on whether you’re a fan.

UPDATE: Ryan has taken some time to respond to your comments. Play nice!

ALBUM NEWS- three new albums again this year (i hope)
Author: whatever its Ryan
7/13/06 5:15:31 AM

First record is getting mixed and mastered while we are on the road. Its the first of three. Its solo.
Its called “Blackhole”. Johnny on drums, me on everythinbg else. lots of raw guitar and kinda sexy/ damaged tunes. My favorite easily.
Second record. I am in the studio as we speak finishing it. Its a double record, meaning around 30 songs. Its called, and I know its bogus but I dont care, its called “War and Peace”. Its about cleaning up my act. I play everything and it has every style, every true guitar part, every type of soing (sometimes within one tune) to express what I have been going thru for awhile. Its hard to listen to back for me lyrically but musically all over the map. punkish stuff, some sabbath garteful mix, some silly pop, smiths disco, and sonic youth vibes and me and the songs on the piano like everything dies, and dont get sentimental and lighthnouses.

the third, CARDINALS, we started this already before our break before rehearsals for this tour, and we have 16 tracks, but half of those are good enough and half arent. “Two hearts” “Two” and a few others people might remember from past live shows are included. its gonna have just 11 songs, just 11 so maybe that”ll shut em” up after rest. no album title for that. might be called “star wars” if we caan get away with it as there is a badass tune called starwars on there. its pretty funny/ stoney.
So everybody thats the word. Time and Label willing and if Jamie C. and I can keep up and I can the art done in time, we are in buisness.
Ill work on the art in the bus before gigs maybe.
again sorr for the web site delay, its coming, there alot of people on it, and Dave, your site is going ace and the folks seem to dig it and get their fun in too. I got yr. email but the password you gave me doesnt work so i just been usuing this.
FIN CARDS REC> RECORDS COME OUT (fingers crosses)…
thats all folks.
btw I “HIGHLY” recommend ‘Undewrworld 1″ and “Underworld Evolution” on DVD. total after session fishtanker.

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