Pandas Are The New Trucker Hut

My friend Celeste’s five-year-old sister is obsessed with pandas. Pandas are hot. You’ll be reading about them in US Weekly soon. Today I’ve been seeing pandas everywhere.

1. There’s Shuan Shaun, the female giant panda who was artifically inseminated at Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo this week. Science took over after several meetings with Tokyo stud panda Ling Ling failed to yield results.
2. Did you see Curb Your Enthusiasm this week? Larry attends a baby shower and is the only one to bring a present (a stuffed panda) for the surrogate. Larry believes it’s a matter of “surrogate etiquette.”
3. The Get Up Kids are back! New CD. New tour. And new t-shirts and pins with pictures of … pandas?
4. I saw a panda hail a cab in Times Square this afternoon. Thank god I have a camera phone otherwise you wouldn’t believe me. The panda was holding a briefcase. I think he works at Conde Nast.


UPDATE: I should mention … YES, the panda did GET IN THE CAB and drive away.