Buster Poindexter Hates Lacrosse

Buster Poindexter Hates Lacrosse

NY Doll David Johansen talks to Blender about the city’s glory days:

There used to be so many joints where you could go in and sit and have these incredible conversations with people and there was no wondering who you were or who they were. They seem to be few and far between now. Now people talk about, “Oh I know this great dive bar” and you check it out and it’s just full of these guys who, like, play lacrosse.

I’m not a huge glam rock fan, but I liked that NY Dolls episode of MTV’s True Life where the kid bursts into tears at Trash & Vaudeville.

The seminal rockers release One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This next week. Michael Stipe, Iggy Pop, and Bo Diddley make guest appearances. If you preorder the CD here, it’ll arrive autographed by the band.

New York Dolls – “Dance Like A Monkey” (MP3)

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