Jens Lekman Sings “Black Cab” In A Black Cab

Well, this is it. For any Jens fan who also reads blogs that post about the Black Cab Sessions, getting Jens to croon this tune for the series was always to be the apex of punny possibilities. We couldn’t resist mentioning it when Death Cab played for Black Cab, and according to the note that accompanies this performance, neither could the BCS’s entire audience in most every piece of fan mail. So it has been done: “Black Cab” with Jens in a black cab, accompanied only by his thumb piano and his lyrics that are probably at least mildly insulting to his driver.

“Now I’ve hard all those stories about black cabs and the way they drive / that if you take a ride with them you may not come back alive / They might be psycho killers but tonight I really don’t care / So I said turn up the music take me home, take me anywhere.” Such a charmer.

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