The Outsiders: Vol. 20

Not all of Stereogum’s favorite sounds conform to what folks expect us to cover. In this space, resident Bananafish fetishist Brandon Stosuy focuses on bands, albums, singles, and villages in Sweden that may otherwise pass by unnoticed. This installment’s virtual milk crate contains Peter Rehberg & Dennis Cooper, Uton, and Koen Holtkamp.

Peter Rehberg, who performs as Pita by his lonesome and as KTL with Sunn O)))’s Stephen O’Malley, runs the sturdy Editions Mego. Moving between Vienna, Paris, and the UK (he was born in London), Rehberg’s involved in a long-term collaboration with Parisian choreographer/puppeteer Giséle Vienne. They’ve been working together since 2001, but it’s Kindertotenlieder, the 2004 the project with Dennis Cooper and O’Malley, that I’ve followed most closely (and that showed up on pervious KTL releases in 2006, 2007). Work For GV 2004-2008 collects Rehberg’s non-Kindertotenlieder Vienne sound pieces from the span of years indicated in its title: I Apologize (2004), Une Belle Enfant Blonde (2005), Jerk (2008). Cooper’s words are everywhere in these productions, so take a listen to “Black Holes,” one where the author (currently based in Paris, with Los Angeles in his veins) speaks.

[Peter Rehberg]

Peter Rehberg – “Black Holes” (MP3)

“Black Holes” is originally from I Apologize. Hardcore Cooper fans will know and nod at the reference to Try.

Work For GV 2004-2008 is out, fittingly, 10/31 via Editions Mego. You can hear some excerpts at Rehberg’s MySpace.

It’s gotten noticeably colder (and darker) over the past week. Even in the summer I have an affinity for sounds that match the autumn, so in the spirit of the actual fall (and the previous MP3), here’s an untitled track from Finnish noisemaker Uton’s We’re Only In It For The Spirit. On this track Jani Hirvonen, the usual Uton pilot, is joined by Vapaa’s J.P. Koho.

Uton – “Untitled III” (MP3)

It was recorded a couple years ago in Tampere, Finland, and initially released as a limited-edition tour CD-R (i.e. less than 50 were made). This is from its new 500-edition form out on Digitalis.

[Uton by Vera Marmelo]

Returning from Europe to my neighborhood, this is one piece from Koen Holtkamp’s Field Rituals. He says “acoustic 6 string guitar, acoustic 12 string guitar, harmonica, melodica, field recordings, voice, ice water, seeds, paper, metal bowl, electronics, computer, and other objects” went into the sounds. Here, I’m aiming for the ice water, though I’m unsure if I got it:

Koen Holtkamp – “Night Swimmer” (MP3)

That’s Scott Mou, who’s recorded three albums with Panda Bear as Jane, on vocals.

Field Rituals is out 10/28 via Type. The double LP version includes remixes by Lichen and Xela. Listen to more at Koen’s MySpace.

[Koen Holtkamp by Jon Leone]