Kooks Watercooler

Lily Allen’s haterade got me curious about the Kooks. I know they’re bloody huge across the pond, with two hit singles, but I haven’t listened to this band much. Dig the Gnarls cover, but then again, I’ve yet to meet a cover of “Crazy” I don’t like.

So here’s the song that will be the Kooks’ first US single (album’s out 10/3). Sure we could name a half dozen other bands who this sounds like, but it’s a fun burst of summer rock ‘n’ roll. Wonder why Lily’s picking on them. Maybe Luke asked for her phone number?

Stream the Kooks’ “Eddie’s Gun” WIN MEDIA| REAL

If you wanna know what they look like, watch the “Eddie’s Gun” video (WIN MEDIA).

And you can download a free acoustic version of Naïve at thekooks.co.uk/nme.

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