High Places – “Can’t Feel Nothing (Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Rob Barber and Mary Pearson are releasing their excellently chilled-down, darker, and percussively denser second album High Places Vs. Mankind at the end of April. This new track “Can’t Feel Nothing (Remix)” doesn’t show up on it — instead it’s part of the “Can’t Feel Born” 12″ being released as a part of Thrill Jockey’s Second Annual Singles Club series. The 12″ will also include the Halloween spooky “I Was Born” along with High Places Vs. Mankind remixes. As the track’s autumnal cover art suggests, “Can’t Feel Nothing,” which features some falling leaves, follows in the breezy atmospherics of the band’s upcoming full-length, though it introduces a stuttering, more outer-realms production approach.

High Places – “Can’t Feel Nothing (Remix)”

High Places Vs. Mankind is out 4/6 and the “Can’t Feel Born” 12″ is out 4/20, both via Thrill Jockey.

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