New Roots – “Game Theory”

After a few spins, we think Game Theory is the album that delivers where The Tipping Point didn’t. This time the Roots crew brings back the edge, underscoring their accessible hooks, deep grooves and Black Thought’s lyrically handsome rants. Nothing on the record is as smack-you-on-the-ass awesome as Phrenology’s Cody Chesnutt collab “The Seed (2.0)”, but the album delivers on our consistently heightened post-Things Fall Apart expectations.

The Roots – Game Theory (MP3)

Be patient with the track’s intro/fade croon and let Thought get going on his syncopated socio-politics, painted in turbulent Philly street stories of struggle and ambition. Sucka MCs, be warned. He sounds angry.

Elsewhere, ?uestlove wants you to have the album’s first single “It Don’t Feel Right.” Pull it down from his MySpace. May as well be his friend too, though he already has a few. At 62,000 and change, that has gotta be the most popular ‘fro in the biz.