New Pernice Brothers – “Somerville”

Joe Pernice has not only given us some beautiful chamber pop over the years, he’s a funny dude (remember Indie Rock Cribs?). The Pernice Brothers fifth album Live a Little comes out 10/17, and a free MP3 (and downloadable video) of the tune “Somerville” can be found at their website.

I could give you a deeplink, but I like Joe too much to bypass the entry page, which asks for an e-mail address to “receive sub-frequent updates about the trials and tribulations of America’s 23449045687762340234th favorite indie rock band.” (“It’s a small price to pay…”)

Want more Pernice humor?

Here’s the group’s MySpace bio:

This is the myspace page for the rock band The Pernice Brothers, who swear to God that they’re going to get around to figuring out how to make this myspace stuff translate into record sales, but they’re approaching middle age, so it’s tough. The Pernice Brothers release records on their own label, Ashmont Records in Dorchester, Massachusetts, member Dorchester Board of Trade. Their next record, called Live a Little is slated for release in October 2006 if all goes well. And by that I mean if all of us meet our deadlines. which isn’t easy. When you get older, you’ll understand. In the meantime, if you’re just dying to learn more about the band, visit, where you’ll find slightly less outdated information, plus a discography (which is getting really, really long), streaming audio, some music videos plus little movies Joe Pernice, who fancies himself an auteur, made with the camera he convinced us all was a valid band expense, though no one else is ever allowed to use it. There is also info there about Joe’s old band, the Scud Mountain Boys, who 5 very vocal people say was better than the Pernice Brothers, but we think their brains have been pickled by too much Pabst Blue Ribbon, which should never be consumed while reading No Depression.