Smashing Pumpkins Prep Anniversary Tour, Concept Album

Last week brought us the Smashing Pumpkins’ “G.L.O.W.” (the non-wrestling version). This week Billy Corgan’s talking about the 20th Anniversary tour that launches on Halloween and, as he told Spinner, the Pumpkins “treated … as a special one-time event,” e.g. “we have horns, a violin player and we’re playing a lot of songs we wouldn’t normally play.” There’s also a Pumpkins concept album somewhere down the road.

We started writing some of the songs [for a concept album], but it’s so overwhelming … Honestly, what we’re actually trying to do is create a very new media-based way to interrelate a visual and a long song cycle. That’s really challenging. We’re in way over our heads at this point.

Before you see that interrelated visual and song cycle (it’s called Tommy, just kidding … it’s called The Wall), you’ll have a better shot of spotting Corgan on his anniversary-tour stage: Certain cities will get two-night stands (New York, Boston, L.A.) with different sets each night. As BC also told Spinner:

The two-night format of playing two totally different sets is really challenging because what the hell are you gonna close Night Two with if all the best stuff is in night one? … We’re really excited about playing the song “Sunkissed” off our EP, American Gothic — it’s about a six-minute long song. It’s very gentle and we’re playing with the horns and everything. It sounds great, but it’s the type of thing that’ll totally kill the crowd and everybody starts throwing s—.

You can get the dates at the band’s MySpace.