Clerks II Vs. Joel Siegel

Clerks II is out this weekend, and after reading how much Joel Siegel hates it, I think I wanna see it! Page Six reports on the press screening that sparked a war between the GMA critic and blogger/director Kevin Smith. Forty minutes into it he got up and shouted to his fellow journos, “Time to go! … First movie I’ve walked out of in 30 fuckin’ years!”

In the scene that sent Siegel to the exit, the characters graphically discuss hiring a woman to perform sexual favors on a donkey. Siegel told Page Six: “It was so foul and mean and repulsive. I finally realized I could not say anything positive … I wasn’t ready for this kind of smut … I hope he doesn’t make any more movies.”

Smith did what any director would do. He responded on MySpace. An excerpt:

I can’t fault Mr. Siegel for feeling “revolted” (his producer’s description of Joel’s reaction) by our flick; in truth, there is a donkey show in it, and I recognize that brand of whimsy might not be for everybody. Film appreciation is very subjective, and maybe Joel just isn’t into ass-to-mouth conversations.

However, I CAN fault him for the manner in which he left the screening.

Apparently, rather than quietly exit, both Joel and his Cum-Catcher (my slang for the fancy kind of mustache he sports) made a big stink about walking out, calling as much attention to himself as possible, and being generally pretty disruptive.

Now, I don’t need Joel Siegel to suck my dick the way he apparently sucks M. Night’s, gushing over his flick before he’s even seen it; but shit, man – how about a little common fucking courtesy? … You never… NEVER disrupt a movie, simply because you don’t like it. … Cardinal rule of movie-going: shut your fucking mouth while the movie’s playing….

It’s a long rant from Silent Bob. You can read the whole thing here.

Joel went on The Opie & Anthony Show to sort-of-apologize, not realized he was talking to Kevin Smith. There’s MP3 of that.

And, finally, there’s a Clerks II music video contest. You know the drill: make a music video for All Too Much’s “Think Fast” (MP3), upload it to YouTube, and the best one will appear on the Clerks II DVD. Rules here. (In the future all music videos will originate from YouTube.)

The new Clerks soundtrack doesn’t look great, but I love this tune from the first movie:

Soul Asylum – “Can’t Even Tell” (MP3 Link Expired)

(You can still enter to win our Soul Asylum catalog giveaway.)

Congrats Kevin on the publicity. And congrats Jason Mewes for not bursting into flames.