New Feist Video – “Honey Honey”

When you think “Feist,” you generally think “Feist video.” When you think “Feist video” you likely imagine one-take clips featuring airport walkways, blue sequined jumpers, or a magical Canadian stick that makes oil drums explode. Feist’s “Honey Honey” clip is less rambunctious (or “Feist-y,” if you will), and it includes more takes. On the downside, there’s less Leslie (and, worse, way less anguished red monsters). You do, however, get a magical little lighthouse complex, fish bones, an old sailor whose sail’s morphed to look like his face (sailing in front of a honey-colored sky), and the old woman who waits on dry land (until she doesn’t) and loves him.

Leslie as God? Nano money can do a lot to a person (make you rich, more famous) and as NME reports, Feist’s taking a break from music after her current Canadian tour comes to a close. She needs to “rest for a minute”:

[My career] has become kind of large and it really began for me very, very small … like me alone in my bedroom with my four-track and a pair of headphones.

I just need to go back there for a while to get my bearings again and then know what to do next. I just need to let it rest for a minute.

She also doesn’t intend to play with Broken Social Scene anymore (“It’s not really as interesting for me as it once was”). The last date on her tour’s 11/10 at the Confederation Centre Of The Arts in Charlottetown, PEI (Prince Edward Island, Americans). No worries she’s still coming over for Christmas.

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