New DeVotchKa Video – “‘Til The End Of Time”

This past weekend Band of Horses’ Benjamin Bridwell told the NY Times what’s rocking his iPod these days: Dr. Dog, Chad VanGaalen, Grandaddy, Chamillionaire, Ghostface Killah, and Stereogum faves DeVotchKa.

We?ve been listening to Curse Your Little Heart on tour constantly. … The singing is so good and bizarre, but it?s attention grabbing. Sometimes that kind of stuff can take a while to warm up to, but we took right to it. It almost feels like you?ve heard the songs before.

(Psst … Ben, it’s a covers album.)

No matter, we’re all for DeVotchKa shoutouts. Stereogum saw ‘em live two times last month.

The gypsy rockers are about to reach the masses with Jonathon Dayton & Valerie Faris’ Little Miss Sunshine. DeVotchKa scored the film.

Today Stereogum presents the premiere of the band’s Sunshiney video for “‘Til The End Of Time.” I attempted multiple times (on multiple computers) to upload to YouTube, but the audio/video was not synched. Does that ever happen to anyone? What causes that?

So here’s the QT deeplink.

Since it’s a road trip movie, Fox Searchlight is doing a screening at the Vineland Drive-In tomorrow. If you come in a VW bus you get a $500 gas card!

Little Miss Sunshine hits theaters on Wednesday.