Staten Island Fifth Graders Sing “Lisztomania”

More proof that Phoenix is a band that speaks to the young and old alike. According to Wiki, the PS22 Chorus is a group of 5th graders who audition annually, conducted by Gregg Breinberg, from Staten Island’s largest elementary school “which pulls from a wide cross section of ethnic groups and socio-economic levels.” And according to anyone with half a heart, it’s the most adorable thing you’ll see all day (sorry Zooey). It’s the chorus of kids you heard coloring Passion Pit’s “The Reeling,” having shared stages with Neil Finn, Stevie Nicks, and Common, and here they’re melting hearts on a harmonious arrangement of “Listzomania.” I know Phoenix’s position on consolation prizes, but here’s hoping they accept this as America’s apology for Snooki’s existence.

(via waxy)

Hey Thomas, think Bonnaroo’s stage is big enough to hold 60 or so 10-year-olds?

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