Rock/Horror Picture Show

Fuse has joined forces with Fangoria for — you guessed it — another fucking cable awards show.

The “music and horror” themed fuse Fangoria Chainsaw Awards will feature a black carpet pre-show, live performances, and bloooooooood. Lots of bloooooooood.

Fuse EVP Catherine Mullen claims, “Our viewers, who are as down with Freddy as they are Fall Out Boy, will be able to celebrate the sinister and the shocking, and get the chance to see their favorite recording artist rub elbows with the infamous freaks, villains and victims of the big screen.”

Music and horror movies? Is Rob Zombie gonna win every award?

Apparently not. Categories include Best Horror Soundtrack, Best Monster, Best Decapitation Scene, Most Inventive Product Placement, and Deathtime Achievement Award (OK, I admit that last one’s funny).

Fangoria president Thomas DeFeo says, “It made perfect sense to join forces with fuse to create a credible and compelling award show.”

No Tom, no it didn’t.

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