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Band To Watch: Peepholes

In their words, UK twosome Peepholes is the result of Katia Barrett and Nick Carlisle trading off “singing, drumming, keyboards, Kaos pad, guitar etc” duties. In our words, “etc” should include writing hooks because while noisy duos are nothing new — hell, by 2003 there was already an we-are-not-Lightning Bolt glut — noisy duos writing seductive pops songs in the guise of fuzzed-out weirdness are a different Kaos pad-toting monster entirely. Peepholes have been around the block, yes, but Katia and Nick have really started honing their craft: If you haven’t heard them start with “Lair,” the title track from their new 12″ out via Hungry For Power. The label’s co-run by 20jazzfunkgreats, which makes us want to pull in a Throbbing Gristle reference, but these gremlins are too happy. It has most of a neon/Fort Thunder vibe, down to the occasional masks tossed into their live set. And, speaking of East Coast collectives, “Lair” conjures Wham City a bit, too, with some of its sparkles. But just like that, on a different track, they dig into the feedback and go someplace darker. Or hey, out of nowhere, you’ll think Huggy Bear and early Kill Rock Stars (especially via one of their earlier self-released EPs, Teen Hero). Anyhow, get started with “Lair.” Might as well grasp at least one of their approaches.

Peepholes – “Lair”

The “Lair” 12″ is out via Hungry For Power. You’ll find more at MySpace. Look for an upcoming split 12″ with A.P.A.T.T on Upset The Rhythm.

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