Cricket, Blood Pudding, Paul Weller

Anyone catch Tabloid Wars last night? Who knew working at NY Daily News was so boring?

The paper’s pop critic Jim Farber is probably better off hiding in his cubicle and listen to the Jam. Today he maligns America’s indifference to Paul Weller: “Pick up this album, and you’ll find yourself racing back through Weller’s deep catalogue, wondering where he has been all your life.”

The album he’s referring to is a the new double-live LP Catch-Flame! and it’s a fine Paul primer indeed.

1. The Weaver
2. Out Of the Sinking
3. Blink and You’ll Miss It
4. Paper Smile
5. Peacock Suit
6. From the Floorboards Up
7. The Changingman
8. Savages
9. Going Places
10. Up In Suzie’s Room
11. Porcelain Gods/I Walk On Guilded Splinters

1. In the Crowd
2. Come On/Let’s Go
3. Foot of the Mountain
4. You Do Something to Me
5. Wishing On a Star
6. Wild Wood
7. The Pebble and the Boy
8. That’s Entertainment
9. Broken Stones
10. Long Hot Summer
11. Shout To the Top
12. A Town Called Malice

Here’s a freebee:

Paul Weller – “That’s Entertainment” (Live) (MP3)